01 February 2011

music for training

February 2

Further to my last blog, I take my iPod on every ride.
Even the rides I know there will be people to talk to.
I use my Timex iControl watch that controls my iPod wirelessly (Thank You Chris McDonald!).
That way I can pause it or resume in an instant.
I have about 3,000 songs on my iPod at the moment with 30 playlists
There's every variation of pop music, rock, country, vocal jazz, jazz, classical.
The only thing I don't have is rap.

Before iPods I used a CD player.
Before that I used a tape player.  I remember when auto-reverse cassette players came out.  I thought is was the most incredible invention ever.
Before that I used a radio.  That goes back to my running days in H.S. in '75.
Listening to music while training has been the single greatest training aid I've ever found.

I don't listen to much new stuff.
Over the last 10 years here is what I count on to lift me during training no matter how crappy I feel.
Anything from these people:

Van Halen
Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Aussies - Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil, INXS
Jack Johnson
Leanne Rhimes
Bruce Springsteen
Neil Young
Marvin Gaye
Barry White
Robert Cray
John Legend
Christina Aguilera
Amy Winehouse
Lynyrd Skynyrd
George Thoroghgood
On the subject of George - I went to see him live a couple of weeks ago outdoors at a winery on the outskirts of Christchurch.  That guy is the authentic shit!  He is as bad to the bone as ever.  What a legend.
Guns 'n Roses
The Pretenders
Los Lonely Boys
I love the Diva's and soulful women singing to me:
Diana Krall
Whitney Houston
Anita Baker
Annie Lennox (best performer I ever saw live - holy cow!  what a woman...)
Great songwriters - Jackson Browne & James Taylor
Fabulous male voices - Bocelli, Michael Buble', Tony Bennett
Hot, soulful Kiwi women Bic Runga, Brooke Fraser, Gin Wigmore, Hollie Smith

Get this stuff and crank it up!

Train Hard, Satiate the Need,