11 January 2011

IM time in NZ

IM is alive and well in NZ.
Both of the IM distance events here during our summer are thriving.
Challenge Wanaka is taking place this week-end and I'll be heading down to cheer on friends and folks I'm working with.
This will be a first for me. I've never actually been a spectator at an IM! If I'm there (historically) then I'm taking part. I'm crap at sitting on the sidelines.
The decision to change that history once and for all took place out on the Queen K in October during the marathon. I decided I'd rather be watching. :-)
If you're in a winter climate and need some content to help you get through some time on the trainer this week-end then following the race will help.

I'm sending out special vibes out to my young protege from the UK Jo Carritt (Epic Camper Extraordinaire!) who is doing her 7th IM in a year (IM NZ, IM Lanzarote, IM France, IM UK, Kona, IM W.A., Challenge Wanaka). PHEW! Just typing it all out makes me tired. She also does a marathon here and there just to keep from getting too bored........... You can what see I'm up against as a coach!!
Go after it Jo. You're ready.

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