19 January 2010

EC NZ '10 Epilogue

EC NZ ’10 Epilogue

Well I just read G-Man’s epilogue while taking a break from finishing this one of mine here and I’ve just sent him a note to encourage him to take all the time he needs to re-consider his future involvement with these camps.
Now I’ve edited this one quite a bit as he’s got me thinking again as he’s prone to do.

Like many things in life what we do is mostly about time and place. Even the camp creators aren’t going to be able to do this type of thing forever.
One of the main goals I had when we established the camps is to create and incentive for me to be in super shape at some point each and every year. I also wanted a great environment to share the tri experience with some of the athletes I work with and like-minded people.
Those goals are still there for me and I hope to be able to do the camps for another 5 years. Since this one is the first one I really couldn’t complete satisfactorily (to me) I need to look at the way I’m preparing for them more closely and have more discipline in my approach. Running the 60km Kepler Trail race in December turned out to negatively impact my camp some, but it was something I really, really, wanted to do so I’m content with the outcome. It was another aspect of this wonderful little country to experience.
It was also an initial test to see if I was ready to start preparing for the Leadville 100 Trail run which is still on my list to do as it has been for over 20 years.
When G-Man moved from NZ one of the main reasons I bought all of his CAT altitude room stuff and treadmill was to be able to prepare for Leadville here at home. My dear wife doesn’t want to sleep in a tent (bless her heart….) and I haven’t been able to renovate this house enough to set up the altitude chamber properly but I’ve already bought my next house so perhaps we’ll move into that in time for me to renovate that and _then_ start getting ready for Leadville. I can play the long game! :-)
I will run that sucker one day. I can say that with 100% conviction and don’t mind putting it out there.

Although I’m still and always optimistic about my future running the last 8 years history of injury is a clear indication that I need to work harder and differently at being injury-free.
There may be some photos of me that my friends will put out there on the net to show me I really, really need to run to get my body back to some semblance of TERMINATOR shape. Don’t believe everything you see! There’s got to be at least one flattering photo of me we can put up on the site to dispel the rumors of my imminent demise……..

One of the un-expected bonuses of not being able to run well this camp was realizing just how much I take joy from others running feats. Seeing Steven and Tara out there running so much after their miserable injuries over the last year was an example. They were ecstatic. Seeing David Craig and Petro run waaaay more than they ever has was another. Seeing how much Blanco enjoyed his trail runs was another. There’s a lot of joy to be found in running and I continually vow to myself to keep that option open. At the moment I’ve got the opportunity to experience another of my lifelong goals – running the Boston Marathon. Erin and I are entered and I’m hell bent on enjoying it this April.

We adapt the points system a little each camp to keep it fresh and to challenge the Epic Vets in slightly different ways. G-Man’s suggestions for improving the points system are all good ones but some of them look tough to enforce. We’ll work on it though. The points system is designed to re-enforce my Epic Camp ethos – you only cheat yourself if you try to fake it. To me this sport is about the work and the camps try to provide the right environment to take that to a higher level.

This was a monumental undertaking for John who does all the ground work for these camps. With a energized young 2-yr. old teaching he and Belinda all about the “terrible two’s” and another younger baby he’s got more than enough to do with his normal day job of coaching. His commitment to providing a great experience for everyone on the camp; staff included; is a testament to his character and I hope he’ll be able to convince his dear wife to allow him to continue. Although the appeal to the campers to do all point-point riding is attractive its super hard on the support crew so we need to really look at how much of that we include in the future.

A sincere Thank You to Kay, Russell, Turps, Mair, Susie, Janet, Paul, Bruce and Dave for their hard work and great attitude.

Also big thank you to all the partners and family who’ve allowed your athlete to do this crazy thing, as it’s the shared experience with them that’s unique and special each camp.
Asking your partner to allow you to prepare for and the do something of this magnitude is a hell of a lot to ask.

Its good to be home.
I feel really content.
My own dear partner has put up with me doing these camps exceedingly well lately and after 20 years together our understanding of each other is still growing. I know I need to continually commit to growing as well and feel more motivated than ever to work on different aspects of myself. She deserves that at the very least.
Her allowing me to be me and loving me for who I am doesn’t mean its OK to not grow.
My daughter (Jenny) Rose is having a baby in March too so I’ll be grandpa Scott soon and look forward to helping my child grow with hers. Her and her husband live here in Christchurch so this year is going to be very special for us.

I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I don’t usually offer un-solicited advice, but for those of you returning home to loved ones I do have something to offer you in appreciation for all you’ve given to me on this camp. It concerns commitment.
I’ll offer the lyrics to our (Erin and I) song which speaks to our level of commitment to each other better than I ever could.
The song is “The Way It Goes” from The Vocal Album by the Crusaders. I hope you get to listen to it one day.

The Way It Goes

The way it goes…..
Some day when my dreams won’t come true I’ll turn to you
When I need some tenderness to hold onto what will you do
And can I count on you?

The way it goes
This world may not give me a thing and I’ll still sing
And any blessings that may fall we will share them all together
Are you with me so far?

If you know the way it goes
And if you want to go with me
I’ll be there when you need me to
I’ll be good as I can be
I won’t care which way it goes if you will love me every day
If you say any way it goes you won’t let me go
That will do…. I’ll go with you……

The way it goes
I see how the best things go bad
Its oh, so sad
And I know you see it too
There are so few who make it through
To where the sky’s shining blue

The way it goes
I need some one who will believe what I believe
There will come a better day
If we work and we pray together
Oh how sweet it can be


Saxophone lights it up!


Until next time…..

Train Hard,
Satiate The Need