11 January 2010

EC NZ '10 Day 9 Wellington - Blenheim (via the Ferry)

EC NZ ’10 Day 9 – Wellington – Blenheim (via the Ferry) - Rest Day

Have you seen Keith Richards lately?
How is he still alive and kicking and producing great music?
Perhaps one of my new aims in life is to be the Keith Richards of triathlon.
As I sit here on the ferry watching some old music videos and drinking Steinlagers I’m in a very relaxed mood.
I’m with my people here and they’re good friends and we’re having a good time.
Petro was just saying that we’ve got the bar here, some chips, muffins, the NFL on one big screen, videos on the other and the view of NZ from the water is fantastic. At this moment in time I feel like I could do these camps for a very long time.

Reality is somewhat different of course. I’ve got to accept more moderation into my life at some point as things are wearing out.
Even though my body has a better than average capacity to heal and recover there is only so much wear and tear it can take and not being able to run much during this camp is a sure sign that things are changing.

Tara’s sitting next to me and telling me how her year is going to go and her dear husband is certainly one very understanding, patient guy! She’ll be away from home a lot this year.
She’s had more than her fair share of wear and tear too over the last few years and yet she seems as happy to keep doing this sport as ever although she says this will be her last year as a pro. Life will change for her somewhat but she’s got a plan to keep doing the sport via her coaching, camps, massage. Its times like these (right here, right now) that its easy fortify the desire to keep it rolling.

But of course there are other things to do.
Erin and I bought my 16-yr old son Miguel a new electric guitar and amp for Christmas. For the last 5 years he’s been playing on ones bought for me on my 30th birthday and he’s getting pretty good. I always intended to learn how to play it. Now 20 years later I still have that on the list of things to do.
I’ve also vowed to start yoga and dance lessons after this camp. Gordo will get a chuckle out of that because he bought me some yoga sessions for Christmas about 5 years ago and I still haven’t used any of them.
And the yoga studio is 200 meters from my house.
Its time I got there.

We’re in Blenheim now just about ready to have dinner. I went out to find a bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc for Dr. Douglas Scott who casually mentioned that he might like some about an hour ago. He’s one of the senior members of the camp and very good value. This is his 3rd camp so he’s a good customer too. He’s always been one of the easiest campers for the staff to look after. He never asks for anything. I look forward to sharing a nice glass of wine with him tonight.

What a cruisy day as far as the camp is concerned.
This morning we said goodbye to Russell Maylin who was our masseur and general dog’s body on the N. Island and today we said good-bye to Turps (Andrew Turpin) who’s going home today.
Thank You both very, very much for your great company, tireless energy and good humor.

Back tomorrow.