07 January 2011

Reasons to Blog

January 7, 2011

Time to change the way I feel about putting my thoughts on record.
3 main reasons for this Blog.
1) Previous to this year I have worked on the general theme that I'll keep my thoughts to myself unless specifically asked to share them. That pertains to all of my thoughts, not just the ones related to coaching or triathlon.
The main problem with this belief I've had is that I have no definitive record of my ideas related to my coaching work. My competitive history is on record, but my working life after competition has very little record other than my poor neglected website and what other people have written about me.
If I were to get hit by a truck tomorrow I'd be rotting in hell pissed off for an eternity that I didn't leave something concrete to help define me as a coach.
2) Another main reason to get this blog going again is I've watched my fellow coaches build their businesses by offering useful information through blogs and their websites. There are a lot of great coaches out there and its ludicrous for me to sit here (often referred to as a hermit!) in NZ and expect to attract new business only through word of mouth for the remainder of my working days.
To me it seems a worthwhile trade to offer some useful or motivating (or at least amusing - my specialty!) info in exchange for traffic to my site and potential business.
The best model for me is my buddy Gordo Byrn. He's been a leader in our area of web-based triathlon coaching for years and the info he provides for free has not only helped his business grow, its helped thousands of people become better athletes.
While I don't have the working capacity to come anywhere near Gordo's prolific publishing, I hope to do better than I have which is close to nothing! I've always enjoyed writing the Epic Camp blogs as they are close to my heart and help me to remember good times, places and especially people.

3) 3rd reason for not blogging is my often-held belief that every thought I could possibly convey has most likely already been thought many times and probably published many times. What I do as a coach really isn't ground-breaking or earth-shattering.
What I do have that is unique; and the reason someone might want to read what I write; is a slightly different context from my experiences to help frame conventional ideas.

While I'm too lazy to ever contemplate writing a book I do enjoy sharing stories of my contemporaries and would like the view of them and the things we did in the sport to be seen through my lens. So this blog will include quite a few trips down memory lane.