08 January 2011

getting accurate info

January 8


If you check out this link you'll find an example of the style of writing I hope to emulate.
Its good, accurate information.
The guys at T-Nation give you the straight scoop.
Its humorous, and they don't write any PC B.S. that leaves you with questions.
If they have an opinion they give it, not a watered-down version of it.
Its one of my favorite sites and I go to it almost daily.
I'll put up links from their site regularly when I come across info that pertains to endurance athletes. This article came up today.
Most of the site content is pure muscle-head stuff (which I am!) that isn't totally relevant to people aiming to race 2 hours or more as their main athletic endeavor, but a lot of the content is 100% relevant to what we do.
A lot of times info that comes initially from the muscle-head fraternity is dismissed immediately due to the source. That's a mistake. A lot of what that area of fitness/health/sport is cutting edge and always has been.
There's a lot of drug info on the site and they do a good job of dealing with that part of the muscle-head culture. It _is_ out there and rather than deny it they do their best to give accurate info to let the reader decide for themselves about that whole area.

A little context might be useful here ...........
When I retired from professional tri's I was a personal trainer and swim coach for 9 years as I moved into internet-based tri coaching. During 6 of those years I managed my own gym. I also had my own gym at home while I was a pro so have spent a lot of time under the bar in my life. I've also been seeking info on how to get stronger since I was a teen-ager, so I'm a lot more comfortable with the gym environment than most endurance folks.

They do sell supplements on the site so there is a bit of hype in that department, but they are all good, worthwhile supplements, so I'm fine with that part of the site content.
I'm also fine with the photos of hot babes they put up on the site! :-) All in good taste and work-friendly stuff you can use as screen savers if you choose to..........
Cheers, Scott