19 January 2006

Epic Camp Day 11

Day 11 ended up being about as planned with a leisurely ride down from Arthurs Pass back to Christchurch. Some of us ran at 6am up in Arthurs Pass first as there is some amazing trails up there. Its hard work but definately the kind of place we don't get to run in very often so some of us didn't want to pass it up.
8:30 roll-out on the bikes and many took a headstart so they could relax a bit. Its quite hilly for about 90km before getting to lunch and riding the rest of the 150km on the flat.
We had great weather today - only the 3rd day I would call it that for this camp and I feel we got a bit short-changed by the weather over-all this last 2 weeks. But today was perfect.
We went back to QE II pool to get our 3km+ swim done and some of the guys were lined up behind Albert Boyce getting motor-paced for 3km straight! I actually felt good in teh water for a change which was a nice bonus.
After the swim some who didn't run earlier did a run and then we had dinner together at 6:45pm followed by a nice hand-out of swag from Oomph and Blue Seventy (formerly Ironman Wetsuits).
Tomorrow is mostly a fun day with some various short races, some food and R & R. Hope to get some good photos. This one here (hope this works.....) is a view of NZ similar to what we saw the majority of the time on this camp. Lots of open roads.
I hope to have a few coherent thoughts for an Epilogue but that might be a couple of days from now.