12 January 2006

Epic Day 4 preview

WEll its 6:30am here. Its been light for almost an hour but thick cloud is over-head, its slightly drizzling and about 12 degrees C. Looks like a cool run this morning to kick things off.
All campers have the coice of how far to run each day and today is no different. We have minimum distances of 10km (or 50 minutes) to qualify as a run and 3km to qualify as a swim for points each day, along wiht at least completing each days's route to get points for the bike.
We've modified our points/incentive/motivation scheme slightly this year to give more weight to consistency. If you do the minimum for all 3 for 10 days on the camp then you get an extra 20 bonus points at the end. So if you do happen to crack and miss a session then it will effectively put you out of the points competition. We've only had one camper crack in tht department so far. Mitch (the marine even!) decided not to swim or run yesterday. In one regard that must feel pretty comforting because it removes the pressure to complete all sessions for the rest of the camp. But that's exactly what the points system is designed to do - motivate everyone to reach for more.
Coffee is starting to kick in and I'm feeling pretty normal now! Whci is a relief. I think I'm about 8 lbs lighter than I was 2 weeks ago before I got sick. With 530km cycling, 3:10 of running and 13.8km of swimming done over the last 3 days my tank was severely and utterly empty last night before dinner. But I saw a few veins in my legs this morning!!! so it ain't all bad.....
More later.