11 January 2006

epic Camp Day 3

OK. I'm better now.
Coming to you live from Murchison which is the kayak captial of the South Island because of the 4 rivers that converge here.
I seemed to carry a nasty bug with me into this camp but now have just had my first meal since Sunday and it seems like it might even stay down. So a stroll into town for a few "quiet ones" (as they say here in NZ) is in order. Perhaps a bit of sweet stuff too as I'm feeling pretty hollow.
The camp has been just as big as advertised so far. If you've read G-Man's account of Day 1 and 2 then you know the numbers. Wim's updates have also included quite a bit of numbers from our rides.
My own personal issues were significant so I felt pretty weak with only a token attack on the KOM on Day 2. But I am feeling a hell of a lot better now so hopefully I can show a little bit of Epic strength by day 5-6. But there are a lot of very strong, well-prepared people here so its no easy task to make the group work a bit. Getting to the front is a hell of a mission.
We had some very serious wind today. They call it a Nor'wester here because fo the direction t flows from and it was a steady 20-30mph into our face for the first 2 hours of the ride. Even working together it took 2 hours to go 50km.
Clas, Stephen Bayliss and Mike Coughlin (yeah! who the hell is he???!!!) from Ontario are certainly the strongest on the hills so far. Wim is right behind but I can see he's marshalling his strength pretty well so far.
Tomorrow is a 150km ride to Nelson where we'll be based for a few days. It will be nice for the support crew not to have to shift everything for a little while. They've been doing another stellar job to keep us fed and watered so far.
More tomorrow.