08 January 2006

pre-camp dinner

Hello! Just trying this sucker out. Webmaster Brian put in the test post for me. I'm just headed over to dinner to meet everyone and say a few words about what's coming up.
The wind was howling again today so no need to say anything about that. The group was going out for a run in Bottle lake Forest which is pretty protected from the wind. But I just heard there is a big forest fire going on thee so the already hot 27 degrees C might seem a bit hotter over there.

There seems to be more fast guys here than I thought. I haven't been paying very close attention to the c.v.'s people have sent in obviously. There are 5 guys who've gone under 9 hours recently here along with a few more just over the 9-hour mark for their PB's. Plus Monica and Bella.
Good to see all 3 Swedish Doodes there tonight - Clas, Jonas and Bjorn. Bjorn is going to tag along with us tomorrow a little bit. The other 2 are doing the whole camp.
We have a first rate support crew here who've all done Epic support before and this year we know where we're going! so it should be a bit smoother for every one and easier on the support crew to look after us. Last year in Aussie we had a few more hassles to deal with not knowing the towns/cities along the way at all.
5:15am alarm bells going off for me tomorrow. Hope you enjoy following along.

More later......