14 January 2006

Epic Camp day 6

This will be short and please exuse the typos. I'm shattered.
We went up Takaka Hill today which is a 3,500 ft. climb over 15km on the way over, and only 11km on the way back. That's right - over and back.
The ride was 170km all together and with double KOM points on the line both ways some of us were determined to make an effort.
I led out and applied some serious pressure to make the guys think twice about how much they wanted to suffer today and I did indeed get a gap to take the first summitt nd held on until the last km of the second ascent when young Clas reeled me in.
Top effort to the whole crew today, even those that only did one side of he mountain. People are getting pretty darn tired and every day there are ample opportunities to question how much we want to do.
The sun came out on the climb today too which was nice. The views are incredible up there and it would have beena shame if it had stayed socked in like it was all morning.
So that was certainly a highlight for the camp.
We swam this morning and most did the minimum 3km without much fuss. Mostly just straight swimming. Clas and I did an IM set (12 x 100IM + 150f/s) continuously for a bonus point. There are only a couple of bonus points for swimming this time around and most every one is going to get those. Nearly every one ran tonight too which was a bit of a surprise. As incentive to encourage people to swim/bike/run every day we've assigned a whopping 20 bonus points at the end of the camp if you've done the minimum for all 3 disciplined on 10 of the camp days.
We have a special event tomorrow morning to kick things off and until tonight's briefing its beena surprise. We haven't told any one anything other than it will be a hard running event.
Its a local 1/2 marathon that we'rehopping into and there are place points on the line for the first 4 places in each category (civilian and elite). So that should see the runners looking to dish out a little punishment like what they've been taking from the better swimmers and cyclists in the camp.
After lunch we have a very hilly 60km ride follwed by a swim in the evening.
On Monday we have an early start as we'r doing ur ongest ride of the camp - 235km from here in Nelson to Wesport over on the West Coast. The weather forecast for that one looks pretty good so far. Lets hope its not a severe head wind. OK - its 8:40pm and time to check the mail......