18 January 2006

Epic Camp Day 10 - Wet.

We did a good job of getting some good training in today in the wet. It was rainining steady all day tday so we improvised the triathlon race we were going to have in Lake Brunner this morning and made it into a 1700m swim/7km run aquathon. Cooooool rain the whole morning. About 66 degrees F by my guess.
Young Brit Stephen led it out after gapping Colting and Bjorling on the swim. He actually increased his lead on the run which was good to see. He's finding some form. Monica held me off by about 100 meters! but I ran well today and am feeling stronger every day now.
After a long leisurely breakfast contemplating the downpour we headed out for Arthurs Pass at 11:30. The Otira Gorge here was everything advertised - wet and super steep. About 15% incline for about 2km and my compact cranks were worth evry penny! Man its just incredibly scenic here. The ride yesterday was one for the postcards too. That West Coast on a fine day rivals any coastal ride on the planet. Hope some one has got some photos to post for you and for teh archives. What a day.
We also had one of teh nicest beaches to run on in Wesport. Jason Rita needed to run on that beach too after his solo 240km km ride on Monday. Days like that rally test you, and then when you can find such solace running free at teh end of the world on a perfect beach....... well that's special.
I'm rambling a bit but I'm late for dinner. We're eating ina resteraunt again tonight so I don't want to be late (just giving our support crew a bit of schtick here....).
p.s. - last long day tomorrow- run in the am before breakfast, 180km to Christchurch with one pass (Porter's Pass) and then swim in the evening. Should be about 7-8 hours worth. Forecast looks decent!