14 February 2011

Swimming Well

February 14

Hope Valentines day was good for you!
This morning as I was swimming the visions of great swimming that I often look at to remind myself what I'm aiming for were all a bit fuzzy.  Could have been the martinis last night but in any case I decided to pull up some of my favorites for review.
Here they are:

Kona Karlyn  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bPvk0paWcg&feature=related
Micheal Phelps -   

Good images to imprint on your brain!
Note the rotator cuff flexibility and strength.  It ain't natural!  That only comes with a lot of work.
Improving range of motion in the rotator cuff in both directions will pay huge dividends in your swimming.  Some of us (yeah - that includes me most of the time)  are too lazy to work at it consistently enough to make significant progress.   You'll know when you get there when the under-water video footage of you swimming looks similar to theirs.
Keep at it.