24 August 2014

Epic Camp Canada 2014 Day 5

Epic Camp Canada Day 5
August 23

Clinton - Clearwater - 190km

Very straightforward day today - run/bike/swim.
Most people decide to run only the minimum 10km but Adam Bardsley went for 2 hours.  Pretty clear he's going for max points on this camp as he later swam 6km in the lake upon arrival in Clearwater.
Our run was kinda hilly and when Newsom led the group up another hill on the way back to town a few of us decided an out and back on the flat highway was a better option.

There was a fairly large gruppeto today who headed out to ride about 30+ minutes before us.   Sensible move as there were no KOM's to think about so it was just about getting the 190km mostly flat riding done.
 Our group moved along very steadily and thankfully for all of us Glenn's bike was back in order and he dutifully pulled us along most of the way.
Some great riding & scenery and at the risk of sounding like a broken record - damn good.
One fabulous descent as well where we zipped through about 7km @80kph+ (Fegan's wife should be aware of this apparently .... ).  Think I got a bit of wind-burn there.
Lunch at 160km then a flat 30km to Clearwater.

I keep expecting to find the lakes cold but this one is the warmest yet at about 20c.  Surely we're bound to get a frigid one at some point???? But we're swimming here again in the morning so perhaps not.
No motorised vehicles of any kind on the lake today.  Fantastic.

Some people did 6km today including Phil and young Adamski who's thinking of putting himself in a position for the Yellow Jersey.  Makes the camp a hell of a lot more interesting!  We're about 1/2 way through now and no real detonations, so will try to manage the carnage as well as possible when it does start to mount.
 We did have one mishap today with John Ballard missing an important turn at about the 30km point into  the ride.  He ended up with 200+km almost all on his own.  Cell phone coverage was non-existent most of the way so very hard to find out where the hell he was!

Nice dinner tonight and Douglas Scott and I split a nice bottle of Chardonnay.  Very civilised indeed.
Hope you're getting a chance to read the other blogs and especially see the photos others are posting.

I promise to share a few useful thoughts for you dedicated readers tomorrow!  When doing a training camp whether an organised camp or with just a few others there are certainly a few things we've learned over the years that are worth sharing.  More on that idea tomorrow. Cheers from Clearwater, B.C. Canada.

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