23 August 2014

Epic Camp Canada 2014 Day 4

Epic Camp Canada 2014 Day 4
August 22

In Clinton - Tri Race

This will be short as I'm kinda wrecked!
Just the facts today.
Promise to be more informative and entertaining in the next few days but probably not tomorrow as we have a 9+ hour day planned.

Today was going to be short on total hours, but high on quality.
The plan was to ride 20km to a lake, do a recce swim of 1km to make sure we marked out a 2km swim fairly accurately, then do a Tri race of 2km, 52km, 10km.
Pretty straight forward for most.
But Glenn was on a "fixy" as he had no rear derailluer.(spelling!)
But he soldiered on with it which was damn impressive.

Swim - was an out-n-back into a chop on the way out, with it on the way back.
I knew it was tougher going out so decided to make sure people had to work so took it out and was amazed to see only Petro on my feet at the turn-around.  Kept is steady back and we were out in 26 minutes which he informs me was 30m short of 2km on the GPS.  We had about 2 minutes? lead on the next bunch which was Shannon, Newsom, Zach and Adamski (younger Adam's new nickname).
The others were all over the lake!

Bike - slightly down with the wind on legs 1 & 3, the opposite on leg 2.
Petro got rollin' about 10km into it and was gone and then Adamski soled through at a similar clip.
Barry was also moving well as was Zach who was just going steady and with no aero bars still shot out of sight from me pretty quick.
Newsom had his whole bars setup come loose and had doe major allen key work to do to get it safe to ride.
Shannon also had no aero bars which probably cost here 3-4 minutes on this course yet she stayed pretty darn close.

Run - slightly up and down for a 5km lap x 2.
Pretty un-eventful really except for me having to watch Adamski, Phil and Adam B. run like I used to be able to run eons ago.  Mark P also ran damn good to take 2nd keeping Adamski honest.  Very impressive performance on all 3 legs of the Tri by Petro and I'm sure there was some snooping' around for the empty blood bags in our room today .......

So I'm shot to pieces.
Quick lunch then off in the van with Charlsey to get Glenn's bike to Kamloops to get fixed and back, about 2:30 drive time.  We had some time to kill while the mechanic fixed Glenn's bike so we had to  stop for a beer and garlic ribs(me) and steak and chips for Charlsey (but he did have _diet_ coke ....... ).

We got back just in time for dinner which was a good thing because we were running low on snacks in the van and Charlsey was getting kinda hungry!  We're gonna pass around the hat and I'll be contributing to his stomach stapling fund after the camp is over.

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