17 August 2011

Epic Camp France 2011 Prologue

Epic Camp France 2011  Prologue  
August 13


Photo - Nice '83.  Molina on left, Mark Allen on right with no helmet!  My love affair with cycling in France had begin.......

Well this is the last one for me.
Without any sense of conceit I can say that it was a great idea and I’m glad I followed through with the idea of these camps. 
They’ve been a great addition to my life since 2003.
I hope some one will continue to put them on in a similar fashion because I know there’s a market for what we’re doing here.
 When Gordo and I first started with this idea we knew there would be a limited market since the criterion for inclusion was such that there was only going to be a very small % of the Tri population that could even consider applying.  That was always fine for me.  I never intended this to be a very popular idea.  On the contrary I wanted it to be exclusive.  
The intention from the start was to provide a positively competitive environment such that every participant would know that they wouldn’t  be held back in any way.  No waiting around for those less fit or as determined to go hard.
 Unfortunately for me the time has come when I can no longer expect to keep up with the average Epic Camper.  Age and injury are conspiring against me!  And the last thing I want is to have to last, or be a spectator at these camps.  I’m either all in or I’m out because that’s what I’ve required of everyone else.
  Steven Lord and I have already been competing for the “sandbagger of the camp” award as some of us often do prior to Epic.  He doesn’t believe that I am less fit for this camp than any previous Epic, but I know the truth! If I can get my camp completion points it will be a small miracle since that will require running at least 8km every day along with doing the races we’ve got lined up that include running.
The last time we came to France was 2006 and that trip was through the Pyrenees.  Luckily we were able to secure the help of Ian and Julie Wright from www.pyreneesmultisport.com.  After that camp I knew I didn’t want to think about holding a camp in Europe without them so they also gave us a hand at Epic Italy and now are on hand to help us get through the Alps.   I’m sure I’ll be visiting them many times over the rest of my life as they always make coming to France such an enjoyable, easy experience for anyone they host.
We’ve got Epic Vets Randy Weintraub, Douglas Scott, Steven Lord, Russell Cos and Clas Bjorling along this camp as well as some new faces including 2 guys from Poland.  I hear they don’t speak much English!  I’ve yet to meet them but Newsom tells me they truly understand the worldly language of beer so I’m sure we’ll get along just fine..........
Tomorrow we are going to drive a little ways out of Lyon so we can have a relatively light day of 120+km riding, swim, run.  We also need to register for the Olympic Distance Tri in Embrun which is on Monday, so we’ve got to get to Embrun in time to do that, hence the van ride.
  I’ll state once again that I write these blogs mainly so the participants will have a record of what we did.  It all gets a bit hazy after a few days and without photos and written memories it all just seems to vanish in a world of fatigue.
  These camps alsp provide me with the right stimulation and environment to write on topics near and dear to me, so I hope to summon enough energy to include some of my normal Epic musings.
Hopefully I can get an update out every day or two.
I do get tired on these things..........
Cheers,  Scott