14 June 2008

Epic Italy '08 Day 2

Epic Italy ’08 Day 2 – In Trento

Today we awoke in the city that’s home to Giro legend Gilberto Simoni. Its not hard to see why a kid could become a great cyclist very quickly here. The place is surrounded by steep mountains.

The run - We had a nice easy run to the pool with a bit of it along the river. Nice big bike trail and a running trail along the river and we saw a few fast Africans (looked Kenyan to me) out there. Still pretty quiet out by the time we got to the pool at 7am.
Randy was commenting to me on the run that the pace on the runs the last 2 days has been pretty decent. One of the benefits (or drawbacks depending on how you look at it) of a small group is there’s nowhere to hide if you get dropped. Plus it was hard to find the pool so no one wanted to get dropped and lost.

The swim - I managed a set of 20 x 100 on the 1:30 half decently with Newsom to get a bonus 2 points and was happy with that considering how I swam in the 2km yesterday. Others did various other sets for extra points.
I could get used to having a nice 50m outdoor pool all to myself. In Christchurch we only have indoor pools.

The ride today was a big loop that included plenty of vertical but no passes of note to those that follow the Giro. We did have approx 6500ft of gain though so no walk in the park. I tried to stay with Newsom for the most part today as I knew he knew the route and was happy to be delivered back to the hotel safe and sound. As we descended back into Trento there was plenty of traffic to deal with at 60-70kph which got the adrenaline flowing. Nice to have dry roads to descend on again today. Looks like it might be a bit wet for a while now…..

Huge dinner.
I couldn’t finish mine and had to get to bed before desert rolled around anyway as I was trashed. Hopefully Johnny will update you on the points as of today or tomorrow as I really have no idea other than Steve and Jo out-training all of the rest of us by a large margin.