04 February 2008

Epic Camp NZ '08 Epilogue

Epic NZ ’08 Epilogue

At the end of June Newsom and Beven are putting on a camp in the Pyrenees with our good friends Ian and Julie Wright (http://www.pyreneesmultisport.com/). That camp – the http://www.ironmantalk.com/ camp - is called Camp Kia Kaha for those of you who might want to do some great training in the Pyrenees.

I fully appreciate that most of the people here do have to make some serious choices in their lives to continue to live a triathlon lifestyle and coming to these camps is another tough choice to make. Constable Mike from Auckland says he dumped his missus to come to Epic! That’s the type of customer we like! J
For those partners, kids, other family and support crew back home who have let us share your triathlete for this camp I’d like to say a big thank you. I’m hopeful that they’ll come back to you with a positive attitude from this experience.

Albert has been talking about taking a year or two off from racing after this camp and he does actually seem to mean it! If in fact some of the campers don’t race much after this camp but still feel like they had a great experience then I feel really good about what we’ve provided.
As I’ve said many times these camps aren’t just about preparing for a specific race or season. I hope they will stand on their own as something worthwhile to do for the folks who’ve done just about everything already.
A guy like Albert who’s won so many races and even won big races over-all (not just his age group) back-to-back on the same weekend………… well there’s not a lot of new and challenging experiences out there for a guy like him. I hope these camps can provide something even a guy like him can get amped up for.

To those of you have come on your 3rd or 4th Epic Camp I want to say a special thanks. You are always welcome, we’ll make it a priority to continue to structure and build the camps to suit you. You’re great company and you guys give me hope that I can keep doing this. You help me “keep hope alive!!!” as G-Man says.

Until the next one in Italy in June…….…

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