20 January 2007

Epic NZ 2007 Day 11 – Activities Day!

A bunch of silly ol’ buggers running around in lycra doin’ ridiculous stuff.
That’s my summary of today and I hope it stays that way.
We all need a little goofing off and R & R and since some people are gonna take part in the race this week-end and have pre-race stuff to do tomorrow, we decided today would be the best day to really chill out.

In France we put a run up a ski mountain and a 4km uphill TT on the bike into the “EpicMan” mix. That gave me a bit more of an edge as those are my strengths. This time Johnno and G-Man made every single event take place on horizontal surfaces!! As my flat speed left town about 18 years ago I knew I would finish mid-pack at best.

We did have a few surprises today. Young Jarret from Newfoundland chucked the big stone like a seasoned strongman! He also took out the 1km quite handily.
Aerobics instructor Bevan set a new record for the press-ups at 100. That’s a hell of an effort after what he’s been through the last 10 days. My measly 41 push-ups was quite a dis-appointment after having trained for it since July.
Watching the 400IM heats is always a highlight of the camps. Today was no different.
Its good to see the guys showing a little humility.

G-Man took out both running events quite handily. With Brandon being injured and Johnno not taking part he had it pretty easy really. But he did look pretty snappy.

In the afternoon we took a stroll in town for chow and internet and some of us had a nap. I really needed it.
Some went to the pool to swim even though there were no points available today for s/b/r like normal. Tomorrow is the last day and it looks like Mike Montgomery has the yellow wrapped up. Toby has pushed me out of the top 3 (but there’s still tomorrow! J ) but I’m still hanging in for the green jersey for best old fart.

Tomorrow is an early roll-out to get to the race briefing in Wanaka by 10:30. So I hope not to polish off the rest of the bottle of Jaimeson that Mooney, Dwan and I have been whittlin’ away……….