12 July 2006

Epic France Epilogue

Yesterday; 2 days after the camp finished; I rode 180km to the summit of Mt. Ventoux and back (approaching from Sault - the more moderate side of the mountain) with one of my older athletes Klaus Hebben who has a house here in sunny Provence.
The Haus of Klaus is a pretty nice place to hang out! Its in Bonnieux just down the road from Pierre Cardin’s place in La Coste. Not quite as grand as that but still a roomy enough Chateau to comfortably house 20 of his friends from Phuket (where he lives most of the year) with their kids, and his Thai helpers (cook, masseuse).
After having a snack at the summit of the Ventoux to check out the view we sailed back down the 26km descent to have what Gordo calls “the full sit-down” lunch in Monieux before heading down the D942 back home (for those following along with your maps at home!), then going over the Col de Murs. 8,000ft. of climbing for the ride.
I mention this because doing rides like this is with guys like Klaus is the reason I’ve set up this little camp venture with Gordo.
I want to do great, challenging training in fantastic places with good people.
This is what Epic Camp is about for me.

I’m acutely aware that these camps are for a very small, select group of people. And I’m going to make sure they stay that way.
I realize not many people can or would want to get away from their normal life and do a brutal 50+ hours/week of competitive training.
I’m OK with that.
Not every one can date Nicole Kidman either. Life ain’t fair!!! but I hope to find enough people like me to share the challenges that Gordo, John and I can dream up in future camps because sharing it is a big part of the fun.

There have been quite a few people who have done previous camps who I’ve not been in touch with since. Even though I don’t know if the camp they did totally jived with their expectations I do know they will have had a very memorable experience – perhaps one of their most memorable experiences in their life as an athlete. And I’m certain they will have had ample opportunity to explore their physical and mental limits in the endurance realm.

I think we’ve done a very good job over the last 3 years of identifying the camps ideals, goals and schedules. We do want every one to know what they’re in for when they sign up for the camps. These blogs are an extension of that.
Now that our first European venture is done we’re excited about getting together a good camp for Italy taking in some of the Dolomites next year. But first we have another Epic on the South Island of New Zealand in January with an option to take part in Challenge Queenstown either as an individual or part of a team immediately after the camp.
I’m planning on doing the entire race. I’ve not yet done an IM race immediately after an Epic and perhaps its not even sensible for an old broken down old geezer like me to even think about it but that’s part of the appeal for me – to see if I can do it.

Thanks again to all of you who shared this camp with me and a special thanks to our super support – especially Ian who came to the party late but saved us from coming to grief over and over.

Train Hard.
Satiate the Need.